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Evacuation chairs​


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 means every business has, in the event of an emergency, a legal obligation to be able to evacuate all people, employees, visitors, and contractors, on the premise to a place of safety.

Organisations also have a duty of care under The Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments or provisions for people on their premises who are at particular risk due to disability, injury or other mobility restrictions.

Emergency evacuation plans

To ensure the safe and swift evacuation of everyone in the building, it is important to have an emergency evacuation plan. If wheelchair access to an upper floor is by lift, in the event of a fire there needs to be an alternative means of evacuation such as an evacuation chair or slip mat.

Evacuation chairs

Evacuation chairs are intended to make moving people downstairs easy with a steady, controlled descent. They come in different shapes and size with different functions and capabilities such as:

  • single operator evacuation chairs    
  • double operator evacuation chairs     
  • evacuation chairs that can go up stairs for basement evacuations    
  • evacuation chairs with a low centre of gravity    
  • powered evacuation chairs      
  • mobile platform stairlifts    

Ski Pad

From: £245.00


From: £195.00

Ski Sheet

From: £48.50

Advice and training

We can provide help and advice to make sure you choose the most suitable chair for your needs. We also offer training on the safe use of evacuation chairs.