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Fire door retainers

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Fire doors play a key role in the fire safety and protection of people and buildings covered by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. They are specifically designed to prevent smoke, heat and toxic gases from spreading around a building during a fire.

Used correctly, fire doors will restrict a fire's development, limit the amount of oxygen available to the fire, create a sealed barrier against the smoke and flames and protect escape routes. However, a fire door that has been propped or wedged open will not be able to close and the fire will spread rapidly potentially trapping people inside the building. Organisations found propping open fire doors will be in breach of fire safety legislation and can face fines of thousands of pounds and even prison sentences.

Fire door retainers

A fire door retainer or alarm activated door closer allows the fire door to be kept open but crucially, allows it to close in the event of a fire.

There are different types of retainers:


Acoustically activated these are mounted on the door, they are self-contained and battery operated. They enable the door to be held open safely, automatically releasing to close the door on the sound of the fire alarm.

Wired in

These door closers are linked directly to the building's fire alarm system. When the device registers a signal from the fire alarm it automatically closes the fire door.

Hold open

Hold open door closers can be wired into, or activated acoustically by, the fire alarm system. They allow the fire doors to remain open for free and easy movement, however when the fire alarm goes off the fire door automatically closes.

Free swing

Free swing door closers allow the fire door to swing freely and into any position like any normal door. When the fire alarm sounds the door closer activates and shuts the door.

Stay safe, stay legal

We offer a wide range of fire door retainers. If you need help and advice on choosing the right solution to keep your staff and your building safe, and ensure you comply with the law contact our team of experts today.