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​Fire safety in hospitals


Evacuation of any hospital or healthcare site is much more complicated than evacuating a normal building. Evacuating a hospital will involve moving immobile and high dependency patients, which must be done as quickly and safely as possible.

Hospitals and Health Care Trusts have a legal responsibility to ensure adequate means of escape from fire is available and that suitable and sufficient fire fighting equipment is provided and maintained in accordance with the statutory requirements they are subject to.

Fire safety evacuation aids

In an emergency evacuation situation in a hospital, many patients will be unable to walk independently out of the building. To safely evacuate patients who are immobile or have a high dependency on staff it may be necessary to use evacuation aids.

There are many different types of evacuation aids for adults, children and infants. Evacuation chairs allow patients to be moved safely and swiftly along escape routes both horizontally and downstairs. Evacuation mats and evacuation sheets can be fitted directly onto hospital beds and allow patients to be slid to safety. There is also a range of specialist devices to safely evacuate babies and infants.

Ski Pad

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Fire fighting equipment

A fire in a hospital poses a major threat to the lives of everybody in that hospital. It is vital that fire alarms, fire doors, fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment and fire safety devices are regularly maintained and tested.

Fire safety preparation and training

Reducing the risk of and from fire in a hospital environment relies on a sufficient number of trained staff, an environment where fire precautions are well maintained, and effective emergency action plans that have been well communicated and rehearsed.

We offer fire safety consultancy and training services to help you to maintain a fire safe environment. We can carry out a fire risk assessment to identify the potential risks and measures you can put in place to lessen the risks identified. We also provide training on the safe use of fire fighting equipment and the use of evacuation aids and equipment.