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LPG Fire Training Simulators

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Incorrect use of fire extinguishers or using the wrong class of extinguisher on a fire, can be highly dangerous. Not only can this cause serious injury, it can also lead to a small manageable fire, quickly becoming uncontrollable and needing intervention from Fire and Rescue Services.

Only when dealing with a real fire can you truly appreciate fire behaviour and gain the experience and confidence needed to extinguish it safely.

Live fire extinguisher training

The use of a live fire training simulator is the ideal way for fire safety professionals to provide realistic fire extinguisher training.  Through this, students can easily be taught how to correctly extinuguish a fire, while in a safe and controlled environment.

It is for this reason Marsden Fire Safety produce a range of simulators, to help fire safety trainers to familiarise students with real small fire scenarios.

Constructed from robust stainless steel, our simulators can replicate fires involving; oil spills, waste paper bins, chip pans, TV/computer monitors, electrical motors and a gas pipe flange.

Environmentally friendly, our lpg training simulators use clean-burning propane gas to generate flame output. With no need to add wood, hydrocarbons or other fuels, they will not produce smoke or residue pollution.

Fully controlled by the instructor, our LPG Fire training simulators can be instantly ignited using a prezzo gas lance (supplied) and quickly shut off. As soon as the instructor stops the gas flow at the control unit the flames are starved of fuel and will extinguish.