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Cavius 40mm 10 year Smoke Alarm

Cavius 40mm 10 year Smoke Alarm

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Product details

Cavius 40mm is a 'golf ball sized' optical Smoke Alarm device, measuring just 40mm it is the worlds smallest. Sleek and unobtrusive in design to match modern minimalist decor. Ideal for private homes, camping trailers, mobile homes and caravans.


  • Takes optical reading of environment every 8 seconds
  • At unusual readings (going into alarm stage), the readings are taken every 2 seconds.
  • 41mm height x 40mm diameter
  • Alarm sounds at penetrating 85dB at 3 metres
  • Supplied with 10 year lithium battery, 1600 mAh (Non-replaceable)
  • Battery consumption is 93mAhour in the non alarm condition
  • Minimum 10 year life in normal operating condition. (Based on a weekly testing)
  • Acoustic sound and LED signalling
  • Audible indicator min. 85 dB @ 3 meter
  • A red LED light indicates the alarm condition
  • Push button switch with hush and test functions
  • 30 day low battery indicator
  • Easy installation and testing
  • Approved to EN 14604:2005
  • Absence of radioactive substances
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Not recommended for boats



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