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Deafgard Emergency Alert System

Deafgard Emergency Alert System

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Product details

Designed for the hard of hearing as a night time fire alarm alert system. The vibration pad is placed under the users pillow. At the sound of the fire alarm, Deafgard activates to alert the user using a powerful vibration capable of waking them if sleeping and an intense strobe light provides a visual indicator.

  • Gives deaf and hard of hearing people independence and peace of mind
  • Light and portable
  • Wire-free - No installation required
  • Works with exiting fire alarms
  • Automatically activates when fire alarm sounds
  • Triggered by the sound of standard fire alarms with 60-90db
  • High-intensity flashing strobe light
  • Powerful vibration pad that is placed under a pillow or mattress
  • Includes alarm clock function
  • Ideal for use in hotels and guest houses
  • Deafgard complies to BS EN 61000-6-1:2001 and BS EN61000-6-3:2001


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