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Lifevac Anti Choking Airway clearing device

Lifevac Anti Choking Airway clearing device

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Product details

Lifevac is a portable suction device used to dislodge and clear obstructions from the airway of a choking person.

  • For use when traditional life saving interventions such as back slaps and the Heimlich Manoeuvre fail.
  • Ideal for use on people disabilities or medical conditions who cannot receive traditional basic life support (BLS) procedures.
  • Features a patented one-way valve which prevents air from pushing food or objects further down.
  • Can generate 300+ mmhg of suction to dislodge and clear the obstruction. 
  • Non-invasive.
  • Will not damage the mouth cavity or activate the gag reflex - both of which can pose further risks to the panicked victim.
  • Quick and easy to use in an obstructed airway emergency.
  • Non-powered.
  • Includes one suction valve, colour-coded masks in adult and paediatric sizes, a practice mask and clearly written instructions.
  • No prescription required.

LifeVac dislodged obstruction of the airway on the first time in 49/50 trials.

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