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Smokers Protective Apron

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Smokers Protective Apron

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Product details

Heavy duty fire proof apron for the protection of smokers. Ideal for use by people suffering with Parkinsons and Huntingdons disease, to prevent them from burning their clothes and furniture.

  •   Large area of protection for smoker
  • Side panels to prevent cigarettes from slipping between chair & smoker

  • Securely attached by snap fasteners, but quickly removed if necessary to smother fire

  • May also be used by bed patients  - in exceptional circumstances

  • Does not shrink, melt or drip in open flame

  • No toxic fumes

  • No tar deposits

  • Does not restrict normal movements

  • Easy to launder

The apron is made from a material called 'Titan' which consists of Nomex (used for firefighters tunics) and Kevlar. It is an extremely rugged material that will char but NOT IGNITE.

SMO001 £115.00

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