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Aerolight Portable Access Ramps

So Modern, So Versatile, So easy to use and now even lighter.

The new look Aerolight welcomes the "wow" look. It has a new lip shape that can fit door openings as narrow as 714mm. The ramps are great for all types of wheelchairs, rollator and scooters (2,3,4,5,and 6 wheel types), with different folding options to suit your needs and the option of a "custom made " ramp available across the entire range.

Aerolight is easy to deploy either way around and your ready to use with the new unique lip shape that makes entering and leaving  easier even when its at an angle. It has a improved clip for even quicker and easier opening and is now even lighter

For safety they have a unique reflective lip for low light solutions, they are easy to walk on and have a new rubber grip on the landing point to make them even more secure.

It now has the highest ever strength to weight ratio, upto 450kg and comes with a 2 year warrenty and ten year design life. 

 Key Product Information Aerolight Up and Over

CodeIncludesExternal Ramp LengthMax height at 1:8Max recommended Internal Threshold HeightCapacity
UO121 x DM5, 1 x AX12120cm (4′)15cm (6″)10cm (4″)300kg (47st)
UO151 x DM5, 1 x AX15150cm (5′)19cm (7.5″)10cm (4″)300kg (47st)
UO181 x DM5, 1 x AX18180cm (6′)23cm (9″)10cm (4″)300kg (47st)
UO211 x DM5, 1 x AX21210cm (7′)26cm (10″)10cm (4″)300kg (47st)
UO241 x DM5, 1 x AX24240cm (8′)30cm (11.8″)10cm (4″)250kg (39st

 Key Product Information for Aerolight Xtra

CodeLengthRamp Width*Lip WidthCapacityWeightStored Dimensions LxWxD
AX660cm (2′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)450kg (71st)4.7kg (10lbs)60 x 39 x 8cm (24 x 15 x 3”)
AX990cm (3′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)450kg (71st)6.5kg (14lbs)90 x 39 x 8cm (35 x 15 x 3”)
AX12120cm (4′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)400kg (63st)8.3kg (18lbs)120 x 39 x 8cm (47 x 15 x 3”)
AX15150cm (5′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)10.1kg (22lbs)150 x 39 x 8cm (59 x 15 x 3”)
AX18180cm (6′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)11.9kg (26lbs)180 x 39 x 8cm (71 x 15 x 3”)
AX21210cm (7′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)300kg (47st)13.7kg (30lbs)210 x 39 x 8cm (83 x 15 x 3”)
AX24240cm (8′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)250kg (39st)15.5kg (34lbs)240 x 39 x 8cm (98 x 15 x 3”)

Key Product Information For Aerolight Classic

CodeLengthRamp Width*Lip WidthCapacityWeight
AC660cm (2′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)400kg (63st)4.2kgs (9lbs)
AC990cm (3′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)5.4kg (12lbs)
AC12120cm (4′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)6.8kg (15lbs)
AC15150cm (5′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)8.2kg (18lbs)