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Marsden services

Marsden Fire Safety has over 35 years experience and we offer a range of fire protection, fire safety and fire engineering consultancy services. We can help you to identify steps you can take to make your business as fire safe as possible.

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​Fire risk assessments

We can help your business identify the likely fire hazards, evaluate the chance of fire breaking out and the potential consequences.

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Fire safety consultancy

We can help you to identify steps you can take to make your business as fire safe as possible.

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​Fire safety auditing

Our experts can help you to identify any fire safety issues or risks within your organiation.

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Fire compartment identification and condition surveys

We can help you Identify suitable locations for compartmentation within your building along with assessing the integrity of existing compartments.

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Fire policy and procedure packages

Fire policy and procedure packages personalised to your business, ensuring you are in line with current legislations and guidance.

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Our PAT Testing service gives you peace of mind by identifying electrical faults and offering advice to make sure your business avoids dangerous accidents.

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Aerial inspections and thermography surveys

Our drone based aerial inspections and thermal imaging surveys utilise high resolution imagery to provide vital safety or maintenance information and locate potential issues with a building or site.

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Health & safety training, advice and audits

We can review and produce up to date H&S policies, Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Risk Assessment Templates to ensure you are compliant with health and safety law.

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Business continuity services

Our painless and affordable business continuity service helps to ensure your business can continue delivery of products or services following a disruptive incident.

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