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Training courses

Marsden Fire Safety offers a range of training courses including practical fire extinguisher training, fire risk assessment training, evacuation equipment training, DSEAR and CPD training.

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Confined spaces training course

Our confined spaces training course combines the theory of working in confined spaces safely with practical skills.

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​Continuing professional development fire safety training

We offer ​specialist fire risk assessment, fire safety and fire awareness CPD training for Building Surveyors, Architects, Structural Engineers.

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Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations (DSEAR) training course

Our DSEAR training course is delivered by industry experts and is suitable for anyone working with oxidising or flammable chemicals.

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​Evacuation aids training courses

We offer a range of evacuation aid training course to make sure that anyone required to use an evacuation aid can do so correctly and safely.

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807e97h18t fire awareness in residential care training

​Fire awareness in residential care premises training course

Our specialist fire awareness training course is suitable for all members of staff in residential care and nursing homes.

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1fxfw7ttus fire extinguisher training

​Fire extinguisher training

Our training course will give delegates the confidence and practical skills to safely and effectively tackle a small fire with a fire extinguisher.

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3oyw3p8cie fire marshal fire warden training

​Fire Marshal and Fire Warden training

Our course is designed to give delegates an understanding of the responsibilities and duties of Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens.

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8w6ot75spp fire risk assessment training

​Fire risk assessment training

Our course gives delegates the basic fire safety principles to assist them to carry out a fire risk assessment and to help create a safer work environment.

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4qqnf0c35o fire team training

Fire team training

Our training course will teach delegates how to work together to help protect the safety of staff and visitors in the event of a fire, before the fire service arrives.

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