Fire Safety Advice


Asbestos in the workplace do you know what your legal obligations are?

​Emergency lighting

​Do you need emergency lighting in your building?

Fire engineering

What is fire engineering?

​Fire safety in the home

How can you reduce the risk of a fire in your home?

​Fire safety strategies

What is a fire strategy and why should every building have one?

Smoke alarms

Not all smoke alarms are the same how do you choose the right one for you?

​Water mist systems

How do water mist systems work as a fire protection system?

​Fire sprinklers

What are the benefits of fire sprinklers and how do they work?

​Fire safety in construction

What can you do to lessen the likelihood of a fire on a construction site?

Fire Safety Legislation

​Building regulations

What are the fire safety requirements under the Building Regulations for England and Wales?

​Confined spaces

Are you aware of the risks of confined spaces in the workplace?

Fire alarms

What do you need to think about before choosing a fire alarm?

​Fire safety legislation

What are the key fire safety order requirements for workplaces?