Water mist systems

Water mist systems

A water mist system is a fixed fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays or water mists to control, suppress or extinguish fires.

How water mist systems work

Water mist systems have heat detectors which in the case of a fire will activate the water supply. The system sends out an extremely fine spray of water droplets which convert to steam. As the steam evaporates it cools the gases produced by the fire, blocks the transfer of radiant heat and reduces the amount of oxygen fuelling the fire

The advantages of water mist systems

The main advantage of water mist systems is the relatively small amount of water used.

This is an important consideration when it comes to fire protection measures in premises such as historic buildings, libraries and document archives where sprinklers may cause irreparable damage to valuable materials.

Flexible fire protection

Water mist systems allow a greater degree of flexibility than some other forms of fire protection. They tend to be more compact than conventional fire protection systems allowing them to be integrated more easily into a building’s design. In unusual or architect designed buildings with large open plan areas, installing a water mist system can overcome issues with building regulations around fire safety.