Building regulations

Building regulations

Regulation 38 is a requirement under the Building Regulations for England and Wales to provide fire safety information to the ‘responsible person’ at the completion of a project, or when the building or extension is first occupied.

The ‘responsible person’ is someone who manages the fire risk of that building (and the people using the building) and its immediate surroundings. It could be the owner of the business, the buildings occupier or a facilities manager.

Regulation 38

If a building has been newly built or extended Regulation 38 requires that information about the fire safety design features of the structure, such as means of escape and fire safety provision, for example, emergency lighting is collated and handed over to the responsible person for the premises. This is so that they can understand the fire safety features and provisions in the building, why they are there and how they work. There should also be information about how they are tested and maintained. If a preliminary fire strategy has been drafted during the construction work this should be included in the information pack.

Fire engineering

Increasing numbers of architects and developers are employing fire safety engineers on development and building projects. The specialist skills of fire engineers mean that they are able to identify the fire risks of a planned project and develop solutions to reduce, remove or offset those risks.

Fire strategy documents and risk assessments

Our team of professionals can produce easy to understand, accessible fire safety strategy documents. These documents are designed to manage, plan and coordinate appropriate fire safety procedures to reduce the risks of fire and protect the safety of the building and its occupants.

We also provide Fire Engineer consultancy services to builders, developers and architects. Such as strategic advice, specialised fire safety design, fire engineered solutions, inspection and risk assessment to mitigate the risk of fire and fire damage in buildings.