Evacuation aids such as Ski Pads, Ski Sheets and evacuation chairs, can all be used to safely move people with mobility impairments in emergency evacuation situations, depending on the users physical requirements. It is essential that anyone responsible for operating an evacuation aid has received proper training to make sure they are competent in its use and they can use it correctly and safely.

Marsden Fire Safety offers a range of practical evacuation aid training courses for the safe operation of our evacuation aids, including:

  • Ski Pad.
  • Ski Sheet.
  • Exit Master evacuation chairs.
  • Bariatric Evacmat.
  • Ski Sleds.

On completion of the course, all delegates will be able to safely use the evacuation aid in accordance with their organisations moving and handling procedures, so as to avoid the risk of manual handling injuries to both themselves and to the person being evacuated.