We  had a fantastic day at the Emergency Services Training Centre, Birkenhead, with CTRL Visual Media, Shooting videos for our LPG Fire Extinguisher Training Kits.

Our kits enable qualified fire safety professionals to simulate live fires, in a controlled environment, during practical fire extinguisher training sessions. This gives students ‘hands on’ and realistic experience, resulting in greater confidence and better probability of being able to tackle a ‘real’ fire should one occur.

The different units enable various fire scenarios to be created and the correct extinguisher used, further adding to the users knowledge and experience.

Units Include:

  • Waste Bin
  • Fuel spill tray
  • Deep fat fryer
  • Computer/TV monitor
  • Electric Motor
  • Flange/pipe

We’re looking forward to seeing the final cut and being able to show our valued customers the benefits of using these real flame kits during fire extinguisher training.